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Spencer Hockett Architecture was established in 2008, and is a collaboration between architect Pam Spencer-Hockett and Steve Hockett, a retired building official.
The firm maintains a commitment to innovative designs that are energy efficient, respectful of resources and responsive to the specific site.  They spend part of the year in a cabin powered entirely by the sun and have incorporated passive solar strategies into their home in Lander.  Every design is backed by experience.

At Spencer Hockett Architecture, our goal is to provide architectural solutions that are relevant to the needs of each client, while designing buildings that are healthier, more durable and less expensive to operate.  We strive to maximize spatial usage, incorporating creative space-planning strategies gained from 3 decades of experience in both residential and commercial projects.  Our knowledge of current building codes and the latest building science technologies relative to the climate zone for each site are key to every design.

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Each client is integral to the process, and our services are tailored to meet their individual needs, from preliminary design through construction.  We are committed to be responsive to budgets and goals, and we recognize that each client has a specialized set of project criteria and a unique vision of building style.

15 North Dexter, Atlantic City, Wyoming 82520 307.330.7933