Riverton United Methodist Church Renovations

The Methodist Church in Riverton, Wyoming was built during the 1960’s and had a raised chancel area consisting of 3 different levels, which created a tripping hazard for the choir, the minister, the organist and other participants in church services.  The finely crafted wood cross on the wall behind the chancel was visually lost amongst a series of small wooden battens placed on top of wood paneling.  This project consists of a series of phased improvements to update the overall appearance of the chancel and sanctuary.  The chancel floor will be reconstructed to one level, and a wheelchair lift will be discreetly placed behind a low wall for access.  The lighting in the sanctuary will be replaced with efficient new fixtures, and the wall behind the cross will be modified to promote greater visibility of the delicate cross.  Provisions will be made for updated audio/visual equipment and better communication between the pulpit and the audio director.

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