Custer Street

The owners of this 1940’s vintage home loved the location, but wanted to improve the layout for their family of 4.  The original home had small bedrooms, narrow halls, a blank front entry façade and a front walkway which became treacherous in the winter from ice and snow accumulation.  A large irrigation ditch (seasonal stream) bisected the back yard, so they wanted the new addition to take advantage of the view and sound of the flowing water, while utilizing solar gain in the winter months.  The existing garage was not on a foundation, so it was removed and the result was more flexibility in planning an addition that encircled the existing home and contained a new family room, guest suite, exercise room, renovations to the master bedroom and 2 car garage.  The welcoming front porch, new roofing and siding tie the two structures together.

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15 North Dexter, Atlantic City, Wyoming 82520 307.330.7933